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Homemade Baby Formula

Homemade Baby Formula

I was a breast milk fanatic with my little one. Not only do I strongly believe through my own research of breast milk's benefits that it is best for developing little ones, but it was also a wonderful bonding experience for me and my sweet Elle. That being said, for me- all good things must come to an end, and so did our breast feeding experience after 13 months. So the search for a transitional milk that I could feel good about was on! Not to mention, I wanted to find an alternative I could provide to other mom's who may be in my same boat, or who are unable to breastfeed at all for all of the many reasons why this can occur.

Before deciding to stop breast feeding, I researched a ton about what her next milk would be. We don't drink dairy milk or yogurt in our house because of some of the negative things I've read about it's effects on our health (have you ever read Skinny Bitch?!!) At any rate, I thought long and hard about how I would wean my daughter and what I would transition her to. I believed she would still need some sort of milk both for her development and honestly for all of our sanity, as a bottle was and still is a comfort for her. I came across some similar recipes online that I tweaked. The biggest difference is I'm using wayyyy less raw sugar. I looked up each of the ingredients to understand why they were selected, and what benefit they would have on her developing brain, gut, and overall health. I'll share those below.

To wean her, I pretty much went cold turkey, which was pretty painful for me, and maybe not the best option for some moms, but you just have to do what works for you.  I personally thought it would be a bit confusing for her to be offered the breast on and off in smaller increments. So I put in some of those leak pads in my bra and dealt with those rock hard puppies for almost a week (hell.). I had a couple of bags of frozen breast milk that I used over the first day or so to mix in with this homemade formula and to help to transition her smoothly. The first bottle I made her was half formula- half breast milk, and I just decreased the amount of breast milk until I had none left! I will say the first bottle she didn't give me any trouble! Later that same day though she threw her bottle across the room repeatedly (OMG!) But, by day 2 we were rolling!

Last thing, as I mentioned before, we started this formula recipe at 13 months. I continued to make this for her for the next four months. And then at a year and a half (just purely based off my mom's intuition from observing her growth and development, and her ability to eat more solids), I decided to solely offer her the goat's milk, without all the other ingredients (along with a daily liquid multi-vitamin at first, and now a gummy multi-vitamin). I always give her half water and half goat's milk if using liquid, or one scoop to 8 oz of water if using powdered milk. She'll be two in a couple of weeks, and she still enjoys a warm bottle of the goat's milk in the mornings and at nap time, and she is happily a pretty dairy free kid (though I must admit we have not let go of cheese in our house!!! It's so hard!!!!).

Why these ingredients?

Goat’s milk contains smaller fat molecules, is non-allergenic, has A2 beta-casein proteins (A2 milk) and less lactose (milk sugar) than cow’s milk making it a better choice to consume all-around. Because goat’s milk has smaller fat molecules than cow’s milk, it more closely resembles human milk and is easier for baby to digest. Goat milk has more calcium, B6, potassium and Vitamin A than cow’s milk, but it is lacking in sufficient carbs, B12, folic acid and Vitamin D to be as sufficient as mom’s milk. So this is why it’s not recommended to be used as a complete formula on it’s own.

What’s wrong with the store bought stuff?

Store-bought formula is full of GMOs, corn syrup, denatured proteins and synthetic vitamins. Even the fancy organic one’s can have some weird ingredients too.

What else do you add in and Why?

Because the goat’s milk is missing nutrients and vitamins, I add in ones that will mimic mom’s milk as best as possible.

Great Lakes gelatin powder-for digestion and gut building/ sealing

Nutritional yeast-for B12 and folic acid

Vitamin D drops-for Vitamin D

Raw Turbinado Sugar- for carbs

Black Strap Molasses- for B vitamins, iron, and to avoid constipation

Olive Oil- healthy monounsaturated fat

Coconut oil- healthy saturated fat; second to breastmilk this is the best way to receive lauric acid

Powdered probiotics- healthy gut; immune syatem building

**Mo Important Note: Goat’s milk has too much protein for infant kidneys to process, so make sure to dilute each serving with 50% water, as the recipe states below.

Avocados + Baby Smoothie

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